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MSP socialized actions to comply to continue guaranteeing access to medicines – The Daily News Box

ByKathleen Dupont

Oct 29, 2020

Quito, October 29, 2020

Xavier Solórzano, Vice Minister of Governance and Health Surveillance, participated in the webinar: “Access or excess? Judicialization of the right to safe and effective quality drugs “, carried out with the objective of disseminating the content and scope of drug coverage that the country complies with in favor of citizens. This socialization was in compliance with the resolution issued by the Constitutional Court of Ecuador in the Structural Health Sentence 679-18-JP / 20 and accumulated.

The deputy minister assured that the The Daily News Box (MSP) guarantees in a timely, safe and quality manner the distribution of drugs nationwide, through the different subsystems of this State portfolio. “We constantly generate mechanisms to respond to the needs of the population,” said Solórzano.

Regarding the use and distribution of medicines, he said that medical prescription is essential to regulate the pharmaceutical market and, in turn, a mechanism to promote the rational use of medicines, in order to reduce self-medication that could avoid excesses in consumption.

The Structural Judgment guarantees the right of access to medicines from a global context, which prioritizes the integral vision of health care, considers and develops the content of the right to availability and defines indicators within the country’s public policies.

Among the key points of the sentence are:

  • It recognizes the right to information on the termination of a disease and the adequacy of palliative medical care.
  • Access to a quality, safe and effective medicine that must improve the capacities and potentialities so that the lives of people who suffer from a disease are as full as possible.
  • The right to health must guarantee effective access to programs and comprehensive medical care, in order to achieve the highest level of physical and mental well-being and prevention of disease.

Authorities from the Constitutional Court of Ecuador participated in this meeting; magistrates from Costa Rica and Colombia, representatives from the World Bank, from SaluDerecho, from the Law Degree Program of the ITAM of Mexico and citizenship in general.

The MSP, the National Health Council (Conasa) and the institutions that are part of the National Health System will comply and execute, for six months, all the actions stipulated in the Structural Judgment, guaranteeing access to quality, safe and effective medicines for the benefit of the Ecuadorian citizens.

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