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New channel offers fare for women in LGBTQ community

ByReiss Bowler

Oct 29, 2020

LOS ANGELES (AP) – An online channel dedicated to women in the LGBTQ community launches with shows including a pandemic-based romantic comedy and paranormal drama.

The channel debuts Thursday as part of Revry, a digital platform that offers free, queer-focused programming, including the 24/7 Revry News channel.

“I’m thrilled to provide a free, living and breathing space for queer feminine stories to be seen around the world,” Revry co-founder LaShawn McGhee said in a statement.

The channel’s name is OML on Revry and it reflects its origins in a company called One More Lesbian, when it was founded in 2009 to offer video tariff about lesbian lives.

Now called OML, it has become “a tent-pole brand for the lesbian and queer female communities,” said McGhee.

OML has expanded its female-driven content and reach to a wider audience, a goal that will be bolstered by its partnership with Revry, OML founder Shirin Etessam said in a statement.



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