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Y.Camara extends with MHR until 2025

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 29, 2020
Launched in the deep professional bath in Massy before revealing himself in Toulouse, Yacouba Camara does not intend to leave Montpellier anytime soon. The native of Aubervilliers has, in fact, extended his contract with the MHR until the end of the 2024-2025 season. For Philippe Saint-André, this signing of the flanker is “a very important extension for the club and it shows the player’s confidence in the project that we are building”. At 24 years old, Yacouba Camara intends to be part of the long term with the Cistes in view of the expiry of this contract.

For Xavier Garbajosa, the extension of Yacouba Camara’s contract is “first of all good news for the club and for the staff, then for the player, of course”. Presented by his coach as “an easy player to train”, being “one of those boys who are always positive, who are constantly in question”, the third-line wing is part of the long-term plans of the MHR . “Keeping boys like Yacouba Camara allows us to draw the essence of our group, to develop the club project and we hope that we will keep as many players as possible with us who know the culture, who have the identity of this club and continue to work and transmit with these boys, ”adds Xavier Garbajosa in a press release from the club.