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Clermont: Reduced penalty for Raka

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 30, 2020

Guilty of a high tackle on Agenais Paul Abadie during a match of the 3rd day of Top 14, the Clermont winger Alivereti Raka had received a yellow card. But the disciplinary commission cracked down a few days later, imposing a five-week suspension. The ASM had decided to appeal, and the appeal commission of the French Rugby Federation finally lowered this sanction to four weeks. The Auvergne club was satisfied with this decision, but all the same regretted that there was “three weights, three measures” on the interpretation of this action by the 25-year-old French international (4 selections, 3 tests).

Raka will play again against the LOU

“The federal appeal commission before which passed, yesterday afternoon, the file of the Clermont winger Alivereti Raka after an action which occurred at the hour of play of the meeting against Agen, lowered its suspension to 4 matches. After the referee’s decision (yellow card), that of the disciplinary committee (5 suspension matches), a third interpretation (4 matches) is added in this case. After the disciplinary and rules committee of the LNR had defeated the referee of the meeting, Mr. Nuchy (who had considered the gesture punishable by a yellow card) by awarding 5 suspension matches to the Clermont winger found guilty of having “tackled an opponent in a dangerous manner” (6 weeks of suspension + an additional one for recidivism, finally reduced to 5 for mitigating circumstances), the federal appeal commission judges, once again, the first two interpretations by deciding to apply a suspension for a period of 4 weeks from October 14, 2020 ”, writes the ASM in a press release. Alivereti Raka, who only played in this famous match against Agen this season, will be able to play again on the weekend of November 14-15, against LOU.