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Despite the uncertainty, G. Gilles intends to take advantage of his first internship

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 30, 2020

Guillaume Gille will have to show a little more patience. Replacing Didier Dinart at the head of the French men’s handball team, the former international saw the health crisis disrupt his entry into office. Indeed, the Blues have not played a single match since their inglorious exit from Euro 2020 with a success for the honor against Bosnia-Herzegovina on January 14. In addition, faced with a Belgian team heavily affected by the coronavirus, the match initially scheduled for November 5 in Chambéry was finally postponed by the EHF. “It is a feeling of disappointment that predominates, confided Guillaume Gille in an interview with the official website of the French Handball Federation. Beyond this postponement, the decision of the EHF opens uncertainties and questions about these qualifying phases for Euro 2022. “But, despite the various measures taken to fight against the spread of the coronavirus, the boss of the Blues hopes the sport will not be brought to a halt at some point. “I believe that wherever it is possible that sporting events should take place, adds the coach of the Blues. The survival of the handball activity depends on its permanent presence at the highest level. “Faced with this postponement, the French staff decided to change their plans for the rally which should start early next week.

Gille: “We have the firm desire to bring together the French team”

Instead of an internship in Savoie, the Maison du Handball will welcome the French team from November 2. “We are therefore ready to implement our plan B, namely a transfer of the internship to our lair in Créteil. It will be even easier to set up the most rigorous reception conditions at the Maison du Handball, assures Guillaume Gille. Our goal is to meet again in order to work in a face-to-face sequence which will be a first since our last meeting in January. “An internship that will precede a trip to Greece, for which” exceptional resources “have been deployed by the Federation, according to the coach of the Blues, who remains in expectation regarding the holding of the match. “The Greek Federation is currently building an alternative plan for the organization of this match, without any certainty today that this match can finally be held, recalls the national coach. Whatever decisions are made for this meeting in Greece, we have the firm desire to bring the France team together in this complicated period. It is essential that the group be able to come together and finally launch a rich season of a World Cup and a TQO, in the perspective of the Tokyo Olympics. “Deadlines whose performance remains uncertain.