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Lili Reinhart slams trolls who criticize her weight gain

ByMicheal Johnson

Oct 30, 2020

Lili reinhart

The actress criticized those who “shame” women with insecurity in their body, who amuse themselves with the pain and suffering of other people.

Lili Reinhart left the trolls in shock after she took to social media and slammed them all for “embarrassing women with insecurity in their bodies,” who amuse themselves with other people’s pain and suffering.

The Riverdale star took to Twitter to put an end to the incessant harassment she’s being subjected to, writing: “If you’ve gained weight during this pandemic, like me and millions of others, you should know that you don’t need to justify the way you they watch. You don’t need to ‘explain’ it to other people. “

The attacks on Twitter didn’t end either, the actress later posted another public retort to netizens when she wrote: “Anyone commenting on your weight gain is incredibly insecure. Safe and sensible people do not insult others. “

Reinhart ended his collection of tweets with a note that read, “Remember the next time a random person feels the need to comment on your appearance. Accept that they are dealing with their own insecurities. And move on with love. “