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No game played until November 4

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 30, 2020
Like the Jeep Elite and the Pro B, the Women’s Basketball League will press the “pause” button. While the President of the Republic announced a return to confinement starting this Friday while leaving professional sports competitions to continue with all the meetings behind closed doors, the Federal Office of the French Basketball Federation met on Thursday in order to rule on the continuation of the competitions. With eight clubs out of twelve in favor of such a decision, the FFBB has formalized the postponement of all the meetings scheduled until November 4 included. A decision which concerns the whole of the 7th day of the championship, scheduled for this weekend, but also the late matches counting for the 3rd and 4th days scheduled for the beginning of next week.

The FFBB appeals to the government

The aim of this decision is to prevent clubs from playing games behind closed doors when income linked to match days is crucial for the economic balance of clubs while the latter do not receive funding linked to the sale of rights. retransmission. In addition, like the entire French sports movement, the leaders of the French Basketball Federation “insist on the need for a plan to safeguard amateur sport in order to massively and urgently support our clubs, once again. forgotten in this health crisis ”. As for the resumption of competitions at the end of this long break period of just under a week, the FFBB has not yet ruled out the idea of ​​continuing this interruption throughout the confinement period, initially scheduled until December 1st.