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The season will resume on December 22 or January 18

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 30, 2020
In a few days, we should know the start date of the next NBA season. Expected initially for December 1, then not before January or February, the kickoff for the 2020-21 fiscal year should finally be given on December 22 or January 18. In any case, this is what Malcolm Brogdon, the leader of the Indiana Pacers and vice-president of the players’ union, told ESPN. “These are the two options. We’re either going to start for Martin Luther King Day, which a lot of players are pushing towards, or December 22, for Christmas. But the big difference is the income. Income, and trying to get the season back on track to start the next one in that September-October range. So I think both sides are doing math on how much revenue is lost for each potential date, and we’ll have to come to an agreement and go from there. “

Bubble players want to rest, NBA want to make money

Indeed, franchise owners and the NBA, as well as players who were not in the Orlando bubble and have not played since March, hope to start the season as soon as possible, some for. earn money (an additional $ 500 million starting on December 22 and not January 18, according to the NBA) for some, and simply to play in competition for others. On the other hand, the players who were in the bubble, and who stopped between mid-August (for those who did not play in the play-offs) and mid-October (for those who played in the Finals) would like to have a longer offseason after this dantesque season which will have lasted almost a year.

Brogdon: “There are a lot of brains working “

The two sides are currently discussing, and while an agreement is expected to be announced this Friday, the deadline is expected to be pushed back a few days. “The way the discussions go is a super complicated question, and there’s a lot to balance out,” Brogdon recalls. There are a lot of brains working together on this subject, on both sides. So it will take some time. Not necessarily a few weeks, but at least a few more days. Remember that the NBA wants to start the season before Christmas, with 72 regular season games (instead of 82) so that players can play in the Tokyo Olympics in August, and that the schedule returns to normal in 2021-22. If the season starts a month later, it will all be much more complicated to set up.