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Zidane reacts to Benzema case – Vinicius Jr

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 30, 2020

Zinédine Zidane appeared in front of reporters on Friday to discuss Real Madrid’s next match against Huesca. The French technician, however, has not been questioned much about this meeting, but rather about the affair that has rocked the team in recent days. Facing Moenchengladbach, last Tuesday, Karim Benzema was surprised by TV footage criticizing teammate Vinicius Jr, and ask (to Ferland Mendy) that the Brazilian is no longer served on the pitch. An attitude that does not resemble him and that has caused much talk in the Spanish press.

” These are things that happen “

Zidane did not seek to deny what happened. On the contrary, he acknowledged what was reported by the media, but sought to minimize the incident. ” I sincerely think, and I know that you watch the matches carefully, that it often happens with these little things that happen between players on a pitch., thundered the former leader of the Blues. And I say this, not to avoid the problem, not to banish the problem, because it has happened what has happened, but these are things that happen from time to time. When you play a game, when there is tension, you can say something to someone. The only thing is, it shouldn’t stay. Something must happen right after behind “.

Coach Merengue continued by assuring that there has been an explanation between the two players and that everything has been back to normal since: “ There was a discussion between them, and voila, it’s over. Let’s move on to something else. I know that these little polemics like it. I can just tell you that it happened and that it will happen again between players. I think from time to time, when hot, it proves the character of the group, of the team “. Words of a coach, able to silence bad tongues, but which must be verified in the field.

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