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“I never considered that professional sport would stop”

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 31, 2020
The second episode of confinement, after the one started in March and ended in May, raises many questions in the world of sport. To answer them and enlighten the leaders of professional sport in France, Roxana Maracineanu spoke this Saturday in the “Grandes Gueules du Sport” on RMC. The Minister for Sports has positioned herself in favor of the continuity of the sports season, contrary to what had been decided during the first confinement. ” Sport does not disappear from our lives. We managed to save a lot of things. We keep professional sport as an essential part of our society », She reported. Thus, the desire of certain French basketball executives to postpone the November matches because of the imposed closed session leaves the former swimmer perplexed.

Do not stop professional sport despite being in camera

“I never envisioned professional sport stopping, regardless of the level of revenue lost due to closed doors. Everyone moaned when we didn’t have the chance to continue. Now that we have the possibility to continue, people want to stop to receive aid. It is not an option. We will ensure that the championships in question can continue. It has to continue, ”she explained. Words that coincide with those of Tony Parker. Despite the economic difficulties linked to the closed door, the legend of the San Antonio Spurs and current president of ASVEL is ready to play in empty rooms until the end of confinement. “We are ready to play behind closed doors for a month. During the lockdown period, just this month. We are ready to do it in the Euroleague and in the league. But longer, it’s going to be difficult. We want to do it because afterwards, it will be difficult to fit in matches. And it would be good if we could finish the Championship ”, he justified himself these last hours in the columns of The team. A decision will be made on Tuesday for the Jeep Elite. In the meantime, the players in pro sport and the elite of French basketball are fixed on the intentions of Roxana Maracineanu and the government.