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Women in Colombia, Israeli settlements, Yemen … Friday’s news

ByMicheal Johnson

Oct 31, 2020

The UN Deputy Secretary General has concluded a virtual visit to Colombia. Amina Mohammed said that the Peace Agreement in the country represents a light for women and asked the Government to guarantee its implementation.

“Women are essential for peacebuilding and I would like to invite the Government to share, but also to accelerate the implementation of the provisions of the Peace Agreement agenda, including the resources and additional measures to strengthen this gender perspective”, argued Amina Mohammed.

The deputy secretary general also insisted on the importance of guaranteeing the safety of former combatants and the protection of social leaders.

President Iván Duque said that he discussed with Mohammed these security issues, as well as “the need to fight drug trafficking, which is the fuel for the illegal armed groups that affect so many communities ”.

UNRWA / Marwan Baghdadi

The Beit Hadassah settlement in the H2 area of ​​Hebron, West Bank.

A UN rapporteur has called on the international community to move from words of condemnation to deeds and hold Israel to account for the continued construction of settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Israel has announced the approval of 5,000 new houses in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Michael Lynk assures that this is a serious violation of international law that must be responded to “with more than mere criticism.” The Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories calls for the prohibition of products manufactured in the settlements on international markets, for the agreements with Israel to be reviewed and for ongoing investigations at the International Criminal Court to be supported.

“As Israeli settlements continue to devour the land that an independent Palestinian state must form, the international community observes, sometimes objects, but does not act”Lynk said. “It is past time for accountability.”

The rapporteur considers that if the Security Council he wants to have authority, disobedience of his commands “must have consequences.”

FAO / Giampiero Diana

Swarm of desert locusts on a farm.

New swarms of desert locusts are forming on the north coast of the Red Sea while groups of adults in other areas of Yemen have already devoured crops, threatening the livelihoods of farmers and herders, warned this Friday. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

The voracious plague has wiped out crops in many areas of the country and further complicates the situation for millions of people already starving after years of conflict. Desert locusts attack radish, onion, sesame, watercress, and even dates and palm crops, resulting in significant losses for farmers.

The lobsters ate everything in four days. They left nothing but sticks, ”said Hussain Mohamed Abdullah Al-Zubaidi, a farmer from Ar Rudud Village in Tarim province.

FAO is supporting Yemen’s Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation and has provided more than 14,850 liters of pesticides and trained 393 field teams. Unfortunately, not all areas of the country are accessible mainly due to the security situation, giving lobsters the time and space for reproduction.

World Food Program distributes cash to Kenyan families affected by COVID-19

A street in Nairobi, Kenya. Photo: UN / Rick Bajornas

The World Food Program has launched an initiative in Kenya to bring cash to 24,000 families who have been left without a way to earn a living due to the pandemic.

Transfers will benefit 96,000 people in the informal settlements of Mombasa, the second city with the most COVID-19 cases behind Nairobi.

The coronavirus has forced the closure of many tourism businesses that have laid off their workers.

Selected families will receive $ 40 once a month, an amount that covers approximately half of the meal for four people.

“With new cases increasing in urban centers in Kenya, we fear that many people in the counties that are hotbeds of COVID-19 will need our assistance more,” said Program spokesman Tomson Phiri, noting that the agency has only received 36 % of the funds you need for the country.

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