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For Emma Roberts, getting pregnant in her quarantine was the best thing that ever happened to her

ByMicheal Johnson

Nov 1, 2020

Emma Roberts

The actress has been able to enjoy every day of her pregnancy without having to worry about leaving home to work.

Emma Roberts understands that the coronavirus health crisis has affected many people, but the actress confesses that the confinement allowed her to enjoy her first pregnancy.

The Scream Queens star is expecting her first child with her boyfriend, Garret Hedlund, and after becoming pregnant during the coronavirus pandemic, Emma said she was grateful to be able to stay home and not work because it allowed her to be more “present” with herself. in this beautiful stage that lives.

According to OK! Magazine, Roberts hadn’t planned on getting pregnant, but thinks it was the perfect time.

“It was a very interesting time to get pregnant. It definitely caused a lot of introspection, but I think it was great to be with me and stay home in a way that I have never done before. It was very good, and I am grateful to be able to do that, ”she commented.

“Not rushing from one appointment to another, from one job to another. I never had that time to myself … some days you want to get out of your skin, but others you feel good and very grateful, “she explains.

Emma is currently tidying her house for the baby’s arrival and said that she is happy not to have a girl because she thinks she would buy too many clothes for her.

“I am trying not to buy too much, because I love to shop. All I can say is: thank God I didn’t have a girl, because I was going to buy too many clothes. “