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Sexton was disappointed to come out

ByRoborto Sykes

Nov 1, 2020
It is a very disappointed Jonathan Sexton who presented himself at a press conference on Saturday evening after the defeat of Ireland at the Stade de France (35-27) at the end of the 6 Nations Tournament. The Irish opener was replaced by Ross Byrne in the 69th minute, when the score was 28-20 in favor of the Blues. “ I was very disappointed to go out, as everyone would have been in my case. You’re losing and you’re going out, so how do you want me to react? It was the disappointment not to win this match. We were 28-20 behind 10-12 minutes from the end, we were 5m from the line and we did not capitalize. “

Sexton: “France has improved”

While Ireland could have won the Tournament if they won by more than seven points against France, Sexton admits that he does not have too many regrets at this level. “We made some courageous decisions by going into touchline rather than taking the points. We did our best. But the result is not there. We also knew that the French were going to try to score as many tries as possible to win the Tournament. We made mistakes, there were some good and some not so good. The conditions were also difficult with rain and slippery balloons. But above all we gave too many points to our opponents. We weren’t specific enough. We had four hits five meters from their line, scrimmages, but we couldn’t tell the difference on our highlights. At 28-20 twelve minutes from the end of the match, we could still have believed it. It was still possible, but I repeat, we were not specific enough. It must also be said that the France team has improved. We are disappointed. Ireland will try to bounce back in two weeks against Wales for the start of the Autumn Nations Cup.