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The coronavirus disrupts the preparation of the match against France

ByRoborto Sykes

Nov 1, 2020

Coronavirus alert in the Fiji team. While the “Flying Fijians” are currently in Limoges to prepare for their entry into the Autumn Nations Cup, scheduled for November 15 in Vannes against the XV of France, a wave of screening tests have given worrying results. Indeed “between five and seven positive cases” were detected within the Fijian workforce.

Measures already taken to prevent contagion

Two weeks before their match against the Blues, which will precede a trip to Italy and then Scotland, the Fijians are forced to change their operation. Indeed, while those affected by these positive tests were placed in isolation, it was decided that the rest of the group would now train in small groups. In addition, a new wave of tests is already planned to verify if the coronavirus has not spread further within the team.