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The championships continue, despite the postponement of the next day

ByRoborto Sykes

Nov 2, 2020
French volleyball has decided. After a complicated first weekend following the implementation of the second confinement in France with seven postponed meetings (Cambrai – Paris, Montpellier – Poitiers, Tours – Sète and Tourcoing – Narbonne for men, and Béziers – France Avenir 2024 , RC Cannes – Chamalières and Mulhouse – Le Cannet for women), a meeting was held on Monday to decide whether or not to stop the season. For now, it has been decided that the 7th day of Men’s League A and the 8th day of Women’s League A, initially scheduled for November 6 and 7, are postponed., after consultation with clubs. A simple postponement therefore for the moment, while the result will be decided in the middle of next week, and that the clubs are for the stop of a month. On the other hand, the Men’s B League will normally play its 5th day, scheduled for this Saturday. The vagueness therefore remains despite the announcement of the continuation of the professional championships by the National Volleyball League.

The LNV press release:

The Steering Committee met on the evening of Monday November 2, 2020. After a day of consultation, organized by division, to which all players in professional volleyball (clubs, coaches, players) contributed, the decision to continue the championships was taken unanimously. Nevertheless, after a last weekend already cut off by 4 matches in Men’s A League and 3 in Women’s A League, and a potential of 9 disrupted matches next weekend, days n ° 7 of LAM and n ° 8 of LAF are postponed to a later date. The 4 matches of the 5th day of the Men’s B League will take place on Saturday, November 7. (…) The matches will be played behind closed doors, and in strict compliance with the health protocol in place, and will be broadcast on LNV TV. The proceeds from these matches will be donated to the receiving clubs, in an effort of solidarity.