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The majority of Karens say they vote for Biden over Trump

ByReiss Bowler

Nov 2, 2020

AUSTIN (KXAN) – Despite the image of a “KarenBecause she’s a conservative white woman demanding to speak to a manager, a new survey suggests “Karens” overwhelmingly says they are voting for Democratic candidate Joe Biden for president.

A survey conducted by the New York Times and Siena College surveyed more than 17,000 likely voters in battlefield states based on their first names. Of the top 10 most common names for women were “Nancy,” “Linda,” “Susan,” “Elizabeth,” and “Karen.”

The investigation showed that Nancys preferred Pres. Donald Trump’s reelection, with 57% saying the incumbent Republican party will vote Nov. 3.

The most popular men’s names include ‘Thomas’, ‘William’, ‘Michael’ and ‘James’.

“Richards” were among the biggest supporters of Trump, based on the poll. An overwhelming 64% say Trump will vote on election day.

Support for Biden and Trump was evenly split between “Christophers” and “Josephs,” with a 50/50 dead heat in their brackets.

The NYT / Siena College poll also found that “Donalds” prefer Donald Trump, with 68% of likely male voters saying he would get their vote.