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For Villas-Boas, the workforce is “too good” this season

ByRoborto Sykes

Nov 3, 2020

OM had a clever and successful summer transfer window, with smart loans and players adapted to the needs of the team. The Marseille club is not reassuring in Europe, after two defeats in two outings against Olympiakos and Manchester City. What if the problem came from a workforce that was too qualitatively supplied? Horn of plenty or plenty of horns, André Villas-Boas asks himself the question at a press conference while OM are on the edge of the continental precipice just before facing Porto.

“The real change for OM, from one season to the next, is that we have competition. If we had not had the competition this year, we would have suffered. It was difficult to put a team in place for each game. The guys who are there are good, and because they are good, they piss off the indisputable ones from last season. It’s normal, it’s competition in football. I always try to explain to them what I have in mind from a strategy and performance perspective. So that there is no doubt between us. This is the big difference with last season. We had a very good transfer window, and we have competition. We believe a lot in these players who qualified us. I’m here to help them “, analyzed the Portuguese coach, who is about to find an old acquaintance.

AVB still very attached to Porto

“My attachment to this city and the same as for someone else with their city of birth. It is the city where I live with my family, I spent all my youth there, linked to this club. Heart, I am very attached emotionally. It’s like you Marseillais with the city. It’s the same type of attachment, visceral. ” Against Porto, the Lusitanian coach is aware that something else will have to be proposed in the content, regardless of the result: “This is one of our last two chances to dream of a qualification. We have to do something thing tomorrow to dream of a potential qualification for the eighth because of our two poor performances. We find ourselves in this situation where we are going to dispute this possibility with Porto. We have this obligation towards ourselves and the supporters to do something different about the state of mind, the animation, the envy that we may have missed against City. We could do better against City, although it would have been very difficult to one way or another. We will give everything and see if we can offer something else in terms of the quality of the game.