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How does FC Barcelona organize the post-Bartomeu period?

ByRoborto Sykes

Nov 3, 2020

Last Tuesday, at the end of a long crisis, Josep Maria Bartomeu resigns with his entire management committee after seven and a half years at the head of Barça, and five months from the next elections, initially scheduled for March 20, 2021. To ensure the follow-up of the current affairs of the club, a transitional management commission took control of the club on October 29. It is made up of eight people (a president, a vice-president, a treasurer, a secretary, and four members), and is headed by the president of the Barça economic commission, Carles Tusquets.

As provided for in the statutes of the club, the transitional management committee must exercise the functions of direction, administration and representation which were incumbent on the management committee, but limited to the acts necessary and essential for the continuity of the normal activities of the club. and the protection of its interests “, Barça said in a statement released the day after Bartomeu’s resignation on October 28. The main function of the transitional management committee is to call elections in order to constitute a new management committee, which it must do within three months.“, said the Catalan club in this press release.

Budget to balance

On Monday, interim president Carles Tusquets announced that the club intended to call “socios” (supporters-shareholders) to the polls for the presidential elections. “around the next end of year celebrations“, but that“it will be necessary to be able to vote with all health guarantees”, as the second wave of the novel coronavirus pandemic is hitting Spain.

This is also the main reason for the resignation of Bartomeu, who was refused an additional period of two weeks when he asked for more time to be able to organize in good sanitary conditions a vote on a motion of censure. aimed at removing him. To succeed him, some have already announced that they are candidates (like Victor Font or Jordi Farré), others are increasing the number of public appearances while waiting to have the 2257 signatures of “socios” necessary to present themselves officially (like Joan Laporta , Toni Freixa, Agusti Benedito, Lluis Fernandez Ala, Emili Rousaud, Juan Rosell, or Jordi Roche).

“The club’s economic situation is not dramatic, but of great concern

According to the Catalan press, Emili Rousaud will for example initiate a series of meetings with other pre-candidates this week to discuss a possible coalition. But time is running out for Barça: among the central themes of the next campaign, there will be negotiations around the extension of Captain Lionel Messi’s contract (which ends on June 30, 2021), the costly Camp Nou renovation project called Espai Barça, which has only just started, or the financial balance of the club, very indebted and hard hit by the pandemic.

The club’s economic situation “is not dramatic, but of great concern“, said Monday Tusquets, who hopes “to reach an agreement with the players and the non-sporting staff of the club” within the framework of a “salary renegotiation”. We estimate that in order to balance the budget we will have to make an effort of some EUR 300m“, he said.

Tusquets: “Elections when conditions are favorable”: