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Metz and Brest matches postponed

ByRoborto Sykes

Nov 3, 2020

This weekend, the French clubs will take a break in the Women’s Champions League. The matches scheduled for our two representatives Metz and Brest have indeed been postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Messines were scheduled to face Norwegians Vipers Kristiansand twice in a row, but none of the matches will take place on the dates originally scheduled given the current health context. Tuesday, the Lorraine club announced after the postponement of its next two meetings that it would not replay in C1 for three weeks. Metz should have first welcomed Kristiansand, this Saturday on its floor in the Arena. The reigning French champions should then have found the Norwegians in Norway, eight days later (Sunday, November 15). A double confrontation which cannot take place immediately. And for good reason : the Messines should indeed have respected a ten-day quarantine on their arrival in Norway, in the same way that the Norwegians would have had no other choice than to isolate themselves for ten days on their return from Moselle, this weekend. A setback that could not allow the two teams.

Brest not at rest this weekend?

So here are the Lorraines forced to rest for a little while, knowing that this announcement followed the postponement of one of their other meetings, Wednesday against Plan-de-Cuques in the league on behalf of the 7th day of the Butagaz Energie League due to numerous cases of Covid-19 in the opposing camp. The Croatian team of Koprivinica also has several players infected with the coronavirus in its squad. For this reason, the match which was to oppose the Croats to the Brestoises, Saturday, was also postponed. The Bretons had never known this scenario before this season. They could take the opportunity to finally play their LBE match at the Arena against Besançon (5th day), already postponed twice. However, knowing that the Bisontines are due to host Chambray on Sunday, it seems complicated to stall. To be continued…