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The season will continue despite the confinement

ByRoborto Sykes

Nov 3, 2020
Press release from the French Basketball Federation:

“The Ministry of Sports having declined government health decisions for sport, it is now up to each federation and professional league to adapt them to their own competitions. The National Basketball League today communicated its decision concerning the Jeep Elite clubs and Pro B. The three highest federal divisions (LFB, LF2 and NM1) are also concerned because the teams are made up, overwhelmingly, of professional players, some of whom are members of the French 5×5 or 3×3 teams. Training, competitions and travel being authorized by government exemption, it is therefore up to the federation to confirm or not the continuation of these three championships.

Consulted by the federation, and in unison with their LNB counterparts, the 52 clubs concerned reaffirmed their desire to continue a season which will have to be readjusted in order to preserve their economy and ensure, in a united manner, the continuity of the visibility of French basketball. Thus, the Federal Bureau made the following decisions regarding the Divisions of Ligue Féminine and Ligue Féminine 2:
– LFB: Continuation of the competition during the confinement period with an adaptation of the calendar taking into account the international window (8 to 16 November) and TV broadcasts;
– LF2: Maintenance of the division in the category of ‘professional sportswomen’; continuation of the competition during the confinement period with an adaptation of the calendar taking into account a postponement of the matches for next weekend and the international window (8 to 16 November).

The FFBB and all the 52 clubs concerned, whose economy depends on the public and on institutional and private partners, are now expecting strong support from the government, commensurate with their very fragile situation. Regarding its federal network made up of 4,000 amateur clubs, 90 departmental committees and 20 regional leagues, all of which were hit hard by the cessation of all activity, like all sports federations, the FFBB, aware of the seriousness of the health crisis, nevertheless wishes to relay the hundreds of distress messages from the associative fabric, and once again insists on the urgent need for support mobilizing the government and local authorities through a safeguard plan (end of 2020, beginning of 2021) and an ambitious recovery plan for 2021. “