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At PSG, Tuchel no longer dreams

ByRoborto Sykes

Nov 4, 2020

Thomas Tuchel is coming out of a historic season with Paris Saint-Germain. A quadruplet on the French scene, but above all a first Champions League final reached, the German coach thought thus won the support of everyone, and in particular his management. At the end of the contract with Paris at the end of the current season, Tuchel should not however make old bones in the capital. At least that’s what he suggested on Tuesday.

I hear what he’s saying, even if it doesn’t influence me. I was naive in weighing that with four trophies and a final of LdC, I could work serenely. But this was only the case during my five days of vacation. And the debates about my future resumed.‚ÄúDisgruntled and hardly masking his bitterness, Thomas Tuchel thus delivered his feeling at the microphone of Sky Sports.

“You must not dream”

And while Paris is preparing to face RB Leipzig on Wednesday in a group match of the Champions League, the German coach continued his speech, directly talking about his future at PSG: “When the coach’s contract ends in June and there is still no discussion after all we have been able to do for the club … You have to be optimistic and stay open to any proposal, but you shouldn’t dream either.“After this new media release, Thomas Tuchel therefore hopes for a response from Leonardo.