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Champions League: Sad record for OM

ByRoborto Sykes

Nov 4, 2020

Barring an incredible miracle, Olympique de Marseille will not see the knockout stages of the Champions League. The vice-champion of France seriously compromised his chances of crossing the group stage of this event by losing his first three matches. After Olympiakos and Manchester City, it was FC Porto which took charge of punishing the Phocaeans for their wanderings. At the Estadio Dragao, the men of Villas-Boas collapsed, definitively drawing the conclusion that this C1 was too high for them.

A start to the match in reverse

For his comeback in Porto, Villas-Boas hoped for a less painful evening. Above all, the Lusitanian technician would have liked to be able to hope for much longer than what was the case, since after 30 minutes, there was not much suspense as to the outcome of this tussle. Two goals from the locals, and a missed penalty from Dimitri Payet (10th) weighed down Marseille’s illusions. The debates therefore seemed to be sealed before they even started. While they had sworn to show a better face than in their previous outings, the Marseillais took a goal after four minutes. Moussa Maréga found the fault closely, following a service from Jesus Corona, who took advantage of a favorable counter in the area. Half an hour later, it was Sergio Oliviera who doubled the stake for the premises, following a failed intervention by Jordan Amavi.

Between the two, there was therefore this failed attempt by Payet, as a symbol of everything that has not worked well for OM since the start of the season. The Reunionese sent the leather above the frame. An opportunity to relaunch gone up in smoke, and which no longer presented itself. Because yes, even with their backs to the wall, Marseille did not show much to be able to return to the match. Incapable of doing violence and carrying the threat in the opposing camp. We will hardly be able to pick up a shot from afar from returning Michael Cuisance (77th), as an alert on Portuguese goals.

OM does not have the level

No, OM did not have the level to compete for the champion of Portugal. In the second half, he conceded a third goal from Luiz Diaz (69th), concluding a remarkable opposing collective action. And the bill could have been heavier for the Phocaeans, because they completely abdicated towards the end. Fortunately for them, the band in Sergio Conceiçao lost in efficiency as time passed, like Jesus Corona (84th).

With zero points after three days, both in terms of points and goals scored, OM really has nothing to show off. Worse, Thauvin and his partners may feel ridiculous, because instead of mingling in the race for qualification, they are already shifting all their hopes to 3rd place, giving access to the Europa League. And if they do achieve that goal, it would clearly be an achievement given their limitations at the moment. Otherwise, this participation in the Champions League will resemble the previous one, and this time with a sad record. The one of the longest consecutive losing streak in this competition (12).