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The weather disrupts the program

ByRoborto Sykes

Nov 4, 2020

For once, it is not the coronavirus, but the weather that forces a sporting event to be postponed. Indeed, due to the lack of snow and excessively high temperatures in Austria, the World Cup stages of Lech and Zuers, which were to host a parallel giant slalom on November 13 and 14 (women’s event on Friday, men’s event on Saturday ), have been postponed to November 26 and 27 respectively. A snow check will be carried out on the 18th to see if the events can indeed take place.

See you on the 21st for the next event

The 2020-2021 Alpine Skiing World Cup season kicked off in the traditional giant slaloms in Sölden, Austria, on October 17 and 18, with the victory of the Italian Marta Bassino and the Norwegian Lucas Braathen. It will continue for the women with the slaloms in Levi, Finland on November 21-22, while the men will not ski competitively before parallel giant Lech / Zuers. The month of December will then be devoted in particular to the French events, in Courchevel and Val d’Isère. Trials that will take place (probably behind closed doors) even if the reconfinement continues. This season, the organizers of the Alpine Skiing World Cup have decided to limit the events where men and women are present in the same resort, in order to reduce the number of people on site and therefore fight against the spread of the pandemic. of coronavirus.