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Ministers of State confirmed vaccination at the San Vicente de Paúl Geriatric Center – The Daily News Box

ByKathleen Dupont

May 4, 2021

Quito, May 3, 2021

In an articulated work between the Ministries of Public Health (MSP), Economic and Social Inclusion (MIES) and Solca, this Monday, May 3, carried out vaccination of the elderly at the Center Geriatric San Vicente de Paúl, in Quito, as well as the people who have received a transplant. This day was supervised by its authorities, Camilo Salinas Ochoa and Vicente Taiano, respectively.

These groups are part of the Vaccine Plan, itselfu Phase 1, which also continued attending in 134 points of vcoinage de all country, with 51,666 doses, in a planned way, to older adults, National Police, Armed Forces (Armed Forces), people with disabilities, dentists, teachers, firemen Y pwaste collection staff.

The Health Minister, Camilo Salinas Ochoa, on his way to Ger Centeriatric Saint Vincent de Paul verified the correct operation of the vaccination point and confirmed the timely attention to this group prioritarian hardnte the application of the biological.

In his speech, the health authority made a flamedo to the citizenship and asked that don’t be fooled by unofficial calls. The scheduling message It will arrive by SMS from the number 1570 and only the Adults older than 85 years of age and older, They will be able to attend the vaccination points without prior appointment from 15:00.

During the holiday that included Labor Day, according to the goal of the National Government, exceeded the application of 1 million dose (first and second), nationwide. With cutoff to May 1, 791,822 first doses and 244,972 second doses were registered. “We are making steady progress in vaccination and we will continue to do so. The important thing is not to lower our guard and that we continue to observe biosecurity measures, such as use of a mask, hand washing and avoid meetings”, He emphasized andl vice minister of Comprehensive care, Salomón Proaño.

During this day, immunization was carried out in a continuous and agile way, giving priority to the care of the most vulnerable population. In Guayaquil, among the beneficiaries were Pastor Cedeño, from 76 years and his wife, Angela Bravo, from 77 years, who were inoculated in the Catholic University. “I gladly accompanied my parents. PFor our family it represents a lot that they have been vaccinated and even more together, since son the pillars of our home and no whatWe would like nothing to happen to them “, express his daughter, Belgium Cedeño.

In Loja, Ximena Guachón, a civil traffic agentnsito, he also received his first dose in the Private Technical University. This morning with great joy we have responded to the call of the MSP in order to be vaccinated against COVID19, as a commitment to continue working for the welfare of citizens“, he claimed.

Meanwhile, in Riobamba, another of the beneficiaries was the Army Lieutenant, Isabel Villacrés. After being vaccinated in the Coliseum of the Salesian College projection:“Gthanks for its exceptional effortrzo and dedication to bring the Plan Get vaccinated to each member of the Ecuadorian Army. We see the commitment of the National Government, without EMBtorgo don’t let your guard down and follow, continue with prevention measures ”, he stated.

Also, in Unit Educative Soldier Monge, Janl Empalme, Guayas province, the second lieutenant of Police Henry Carcelén, after receiving the first dosecommented «that joy to be part of those vaccinated against COVID19, in order to carry out my job as head of a circuit in the canton ».

Finally, in the center Municipal Geriatric of Manta, the teacher Miguel Cedeño, was immunized amid thanks for the care. “ANDThe procedure was quick, they have been diligent withI know that I had surgery recently. TOyes they mustSee all the processes, ”he said.

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