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Ecuador receives 100,620 doses of Pfizer vaccines to advance with the Vaccine Plan – The Daily News Box

ByKathleen Dupont

May 5, 2021

Quito, May 4, 2021

The Vaccine Plan, which is promoted in an accelerated manner by the National Government, continues to add the largest number of vaccines to inoculate the population until the end of the administration. The The Daily News Box (MSP), this Tuesday, May 4, received a total of 100,620 more doses of Pfizer, thus completing 659,880 corresponding to this pharmaceutical company.

With the arrival of this new batch, the vaccination process will be streamlined to immunize Ecuadorians who are part of Phase 1. In this sense, the distribution of 10,000 doses has been planned in the province of Galapagos, to inoculate 100% of its inhabitants. “We would be the first island in Latin America to complete vaccination, which helps us in the tourist area and represents a message that the vaccination plan we are implementing is effective,” said the Minister of Public Health, Camilo Salinas Ochoa.

The health authority highlighted that Pfizer’s delivery has doubled because there is confidence in the process that Ecuador is carrying out. “As more doses arrive, we will accelerate the vaccination process,” he said. He recalled that 20 million vaccines were managed until the end of this year and progress is being made with others such as Johnson & Johnson and Sputnik, so that the next Government extends the negotiations.

During this Tuesday, 156 vaccination points were arranged nationwide, with 65,853 doses, this time for people with cancer, traffic officers and firefighters. Likewise, the inoculation of older adults, people with disabilities, teachers, members of the National Police and Armed Forces (Armed Forces), dentists and waste collection personnel continued.

In Quito, Pichincha province, Virgilio Cadena, 75, who suffers from prostate cancer, received his first dose at the Solca facilities. “I was concerned because they said that patients with this disease would not be vaccinated. Now with the vaccine I have more peace of mind and my son is happy, because since I was diagnosed with cancer, he has taken care of me and given me the medication ”.

On the other hand, Rodrigo Sandoval, a firefighter from Pujilí, Cotopaxi, was immunized at the vaccination point located in the canton’s coliseum. “We are trained to save lives and this vaccine gives us hope to continue our work with vocation and service to the community,” he said.

In Ibarra, the beneficiaries were joined by Raúl Quito, a waste collector, who was inoculated with the first dose at the Technical University of Otavalo. “We are all part of this work that also contributes to the front line. There is always the fear of contagion, but today is the beginning of a new light that we see after a long time, “he added.

Similarly, at the Luis Tamayo de La Shell Coliseum, Pastaza, the Police Captain, Francisco Mantilla, received his vaccine. “Words are not enough to thank the police personnel who are on the front line, taking care of security and order, for the vaccination. This opportunity motivates us to continue our work, “he said.

At the State University of Milagro, Guayas province, Yuly Sánchez Acosta, 59, was also immunized, who commented that she wants to go back to teaching in person. “I am a second grade teacher and my students need to develop more recreational activities under my supervision. It is important to have that direct relationship with children, “he said.

The MSP is making steady progress with the vaccination process, guaranteeing the well-being of Ecuadorian families and promoting the commitment to serve and ensure the health of the entire population.

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