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Minister of Health highlights rapid vaccination days in Esmeraldas – The Daily News Box

ByKathleen Dupont

May 8, 2021

Esmeraldas, May 7, 2021

The Minister of Health, Camilo Salinas Ochoa, fulfilled the territorial agenda within the framework of the Vaccine Plan in the province of Esmeraldas, with the aim of verifying and promoting its execution in the different establishments for immunization, in a joint effort with the municipal GAD and provincial and government.

This Friday, May 7, nationwide, the The Daily News Box (MSP), enabled 189 vaccination points with 55,081 doses (first and second).

At the María Auxiliadora Educational Unit, his first point of visit in the city of Esmeraldas, he highlighted the work of health personnel and encouraged the population to continue with care and biosecurity measures. There, he confirmed that the National Government has paid USD 75 million in advance, that is, 20% of the total value of the purchase of the 20 million negotiated vaccines: Pfizer, Sinovac and AstraZeneca, which will last until December 2021.

In addition, he assured that the entry of a greater number of doses into the country is expedited. In this sense, a dialogue was held with the Chinese multinational, Cansino, which has pledged, as of July, 3 million more vaccines, the Russian Sputnik, 8 million, and an agreement with Johnson & Johnson was accelerated.

Salinas explained that there is currently a lag in the arrival of around 1,500 thousand doses, between Sinovac and AstraZeneca, due to the humanitarian crisis in India, but said that they will take place between May 18 and 20.

In Esmeraldas, it continued with home visits to people with disabilities, who were inoculated by the MSP brigades and technical aids were provided, such as diapers and impregnated awnings. Subsequently, the Minister of Health was in Atacames, where he accompanied the immunization of older adults, people with disabilities, catastrophic diseases and waste collection personnel, who are part of the beneficiaries of Phase 1.

Additionally, 9,000 impregnated mosquito nets were allocated to the district offices of Esmeraldas – Río Verde, Atacames, San Lorenzo, Eloy Alfaro and Quinindé for the prevention of vector diseases typical of the winter stage. This action is part of the “My Neighborhood Without Mosquito” campaign, which is carried out at the Delfina Torres de Concha General Hospital.

Finally, Minister Salinas Ochoa concluded his territorial work with a tour of the Delfina Torres de Concha General Hospital, a provincial reference for pandemic care. The authority learned that this health home has a capacity of 231 beds, of which 94 are intended for COVID-19 cases and currently has an occupation of 32 beds.

Meanwhile, the Vaccine Plan continued in the rest of the country, according to planning and scheduling, reiterating the commitment of the National Government to accelerate the vaccination of Ecuadorians.

This Friday, Julia Sánchez, 74, was vaccinated at the Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral (ESPOL), in Guayaquil, Guayas. “I am a survivor of COVID-19, my 9 children, 15 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren, were my strength to emerge victorious from that disease. For this reason, having been vaccinated this morning was a source of great joy, “he said.

While in Cuenca, Azuay, the MSP brigades arrived at the home of Andrés Ayabaca, a beneficiary with a disability of 83% of the Joaquín Gallegos Lara Program, in the parish of Baños. “I thank the MSP, because the COVID-19 vaccine protects us. I congratulate the initiative of the medical team that came to my home for the application of the first dose, “he said.

Additionally, Jennifer Cruz, an English teacher at the Zenón Macías School, in Playas, Guayas, was inoculated at the Gran Cacique Tumbalá Coliseum. «I congratulate that the process developed quickly, is well organized and with all the biosecurity measures. Don’t be afraid of getting immunized, because this will allow us to take better care of our families, “he added.