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Mayra Rojas accuses Lorena Rojas’ ex-husband of “stealing” US $ 30 thousand

ByMicheal Johnson

May 11, 2021

Lorraine Rojas

Patrick Schnaas stole a life insurance from Lorena, which would have served to support Lucianna, daughter of the actress.

Mayra Rojas accused Patrick Schnaas of having “stolen” Lorena Rojas’s life insurance, which could have been used to cover the expenses of her family and of the daughter that the actress left behind.

In an interview offered in ‘Sale el Sol’, Mayra said that her sister Lorena “left only an inheritance of two legs named Lucianna”, her daughter.

Rojas married Patrick Schnaas in 2003 and they divorced in 2008. It was during that marriage that Lorena Rojas had life insurance that “was in the name” of her then husband and pointed out that he had “stolen” it.

“Yes there was a security, but my sister’s first husband stole it,” Mayra accused.

“There you realize that people are bad, because they want to be bad,” he said.

Lucianna, Lorena’s daughter is now 7 years old, and unfortunately the actress did not leave assets to help the girl with her maintenance.

Mayra Rojas legally adopted Lucianna as her daughter, in 2018.

Lorena Rojas died of complications from cancer on February 16, 2015. Little Lucianna’s father, Jorge Monje, died in January 2016 after committing suicide in Miami.