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Frida Sofía started attacks on her family when she was disinherited by Alejandra Guzmán

ByMicheal Johnson

May 14, 2021

Frida Sofia, Alejandra Guzman

Frida’s father, Pablo Moctezuma, has confirmed that the rocker removed his daughter from the will.

Pablo Moctezuma, Frida Sofía’s father, revealed that his ex Alejandra Guzmán made the decision to remove her daughter from her will.

After Frida publicly denounced her grandfather Enrique Guzmán for allegedly touching her improperly when she was a child (5 years old), Alejandra made the decision to inherit her daughter for the infamy she is committing against her own family.

“I find out that Alejandra took her away from the inheritance, that is, that is worth three peanuts for Frida, that is not the problem here, they are not apartments, they are not cars … I would really love to …! take a step back and listen more to what your daughter has to say, ”Moctezuma explained.

It should be noted that Frida started the scandal against her family, particularly her grandfather, when Alejandra withdrew the financial aid she had always offered and that Frida learned that she had been disinherited.

The 29-year-old woman has only accused Enrique Guzmán before the media, and has not done so before the authorities. Given this, Pablo Moctezuma said: “A whole procedure is being carried out that requires to take all this to the last consequences, and then I cannot make those comments.”