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Former Pentagon Director Claims US Government Is in Possession of ‘Exotic Material’ from UFOs

ByReiss Bowler

Jun 7, 2021

on Wednesdays Tucker Carlson tonight, Lue Elizondo discussed his recent claims that the US government has long been aware of the existence of unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAP. Elizondo is the former Pentagon director of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program and has pushed for greater transparency from government officials.

“Why lie?” Elizondo asked about UAP’s previous government positions. “Probably because certain elements in the Pentagon have pushed themselves into a corner. They spent a long time trying to cover themselves up.”

in a recent 60 minutes In an interview, Elizondo claimed the plane was undetectable on radar and could pull “6-to-700 g-forces” and “fly at 13,000 miles per hour.” And on Wednesday, he claimed there are more than just reports.

“The United States government is in possession of exotic material,” Elizondo claimed. “More needs to be analysed.”

A report will be presented to the US Senate next month. While many of the reports are expected to be redacted, Elizondo hopes it opens the door for a closer look at the exotic materials.

“There are pockets in the US government that are willing to have the conversation and do the analysis,” he said. “I’m not going to say what the elements are. I’m concerned about the same kind of reprisal that I’m currently facing.”

Tucker Carlson tonight broadcast weeknights at 8 p.m. on Fox News Channel.

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