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Health authorities visited weekend vaccination points – The Daily News Box

ByKathleen Dupont

Jun 7, 2021

Sunday, June 6, 2021.

The Minister of Public Health, Ximena Garzón and the Vice Ministers José Ruales and Miguel Moreira confirmed the normal development of the day of application of doses of vaccine against COVID-19 in the Weekend Vaccination Centers in Quito (Pichincha), Ibarra , Cotacachi, Antonio Ante and Otavalo (Ibarra).

The places defined as vaccination points for Saturday and Sunday are an alternative to the 9/100 Vaccination Plan for people who did not attend the assigned appointment from Monday to Friday.

The Health Authority toured the schools, Nacional Mejía, Provincial Council and Benalcázar in Quito. Minister Garzón’s recommendation was to take care of herself and her families. In the coliseum of the Central University she was received by the rector, Fernando Sempértegui, with whom they evaluated the day at this point.

The tour also allowed the Minister of Health to dialogue with the personnel that make up the medical brigades and apply the dose, such as Doña Carmen Holguín, 77, who thanked them for having access to a safe vaccine. In the same way, Fernando Silva, son of Doña Inés Jurado, 85 years old, commented: “We have not expected anything, it has been orderly, spacious and calm.”

“The Government of the Meeting, to date, registers the application of 511 thousand doses of the vaccine against COVID-19. Our Plan is orderly, dignified and transparent, ”said Vice Minister Miguel Moreira, verifying that the day was carried out in order at the Bicentennial Convention Center, Don Bosco and Andrés Bello schools. He also referred to the fact that if there are fewer infections and serious cases, there will be less saturation in the intensive care rooms of hospitals, which will allow increased care for other diseases.

On the other hand, the Vice Minister of Governance and Health Surveillance, José Ruales, together with the team from Zonal Coordination 1, visited the Vaccination Center at the University of Otavalo, Antonio Ante, Cotacachi and Ibarra, in Imbabura. These places were enabled as points to inoculate people in category laggards during the weekend. “I call on you to accompany our grandparents to get vaccinated and to come with confidence to receive the vaccine against COVID-19,” Ruales emphasized.

The invitation for friends, family or neighbors to accompany adults over 65 to get vaccinated was evidenced this weekend. Luis Moreta took his mother, Angelita Chalá, to receive the vaccine at the Don Bosco College in the capital. “I am calmer because my mother has two doses of vaccine. It was not delayed and it allows the elderly to be safe ”.

In the Ecuadorian territory more than 300 massive Vaccination Centers are enabled. This installed capacity will make it possible to reach the goal of vaccinating 9 million people in the first 100 days of government.

The 9/100 Vaccination Plan continues across the country! Check your vaccination place at: https://bit.ly/3i8PBlw or call 171.

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