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Daniel Vargas is the new expelled in LaCasa de los Famosos

ByMicheal Johnson

Sep 14, 2021

Daniel Vargas

The tiktoker was chosen among him Christian de la Campa, leaving with 67 percent of the votes.

The third nominee of the ‘House of the Famous’ came out, the public gave their vote between Daniel Vargas and Christian de la Campa, who were allies in the game.

The nominees to be eliminated were Daniel, Christian and Celia Lora, but the leader of the house this week was Roberto Romano, who is a great friend of Celia, so according to the dynamic, he had the right to save one of the nominees, deciding on Celia.

H├ęctor Sandarti was in charge of announcing the name of the expelled from the house, who obtained 67% of the votes of the public, being the tiktoker Daniel Vargas, who upon his departure was received by his parents and his sister, who were waiting for him in the program forum.

With the departure of Daniel, the game inside the house will become very interesting, since he and Christian were allies, so now the actor will have to change his strategy to continue.

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