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He seeks to establish himself: the River player who will try to win the position against Newell’s

BySkyla Hutton

Sep 14, 2021

Written in SOCCER the

River will play against Newell’s this Wednesday at 9:00 pm, in Rosario, for the match corresponding to date 11 of the Professional Soccer League. One of the novelties regarding that meeting will be the presence of Alex Vigo in the starting team to replace the injured Milton Casco. The 22-year-old will have an important opportunity to demonstrate his good level and achieve consistency in his performance. In tomorrow’s match a new door was opened to try to reach the expected level. Now it’s up to him.

Everything seemed to indicate that the former side of Colón de Santa Fe would be a substitute against Lepra in tomorrow’s game, but this Saturday everything changed: Casco was ruled out of the match because he suffered a grade 1 muscle injury. River it would have Fabrizio Angileri on the left side and Vigo as the right side. The technician still has to define if he will play with a line of four defenders or will be three defenders who will have full-backs-midfielders in front of them that will cover the entire band.

Vigo will try to establish itself in River

After a first semester in which he saw little action for fighting for the position with a figure like Gonzalo Montiel, he began the preseason as a starter in the friendlies held in the United States. However, that panorama changed when it began to be played for points. The Doll once again trusted the previous pair of laterals and gave ground in the consideration of the Millionaire. Not even when Cachete was sold to Sevilla did not take over the place either, since it was Casco who positioned himself on the right.

It was until Angileri’s injury that he saw his chance. The first meeting from the beginning was one of the best shown by Vigo in River. Unfortunately, he could not repeat that performance he had against Aldosivi and suffered ups and downs. Even, in the last presentations, he gave the feeling that he was playing because there were no other options. Whatever the reason, the concrete thing is that in Rosario he will have a new opportunity and the young man wants to start showing why he came to Núñez.

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