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Repeated problem: the overwhelming data that alarms River

BySkyla Hutton

Sep 14, 2021

Written in SOCCER the

Things seem to have improved for River. After weeks in which the team was very irregular in terms of performance and results, the team led by Marcelo Gallardo improved its performance to position itself at the top of the table. In addition, the Millionaire managed to avoid the matches against Sarmiento and Independiente despite having a large number of absences in the team, due to injuries or calls for the triple round of South American Qualifiers.

Source: (AFA Professional Football League).

The first of these two aspects is the one that worries the world a lot River. Injuries have been a constant in this first part of the second half of the year. The week started for the millionaire set with the confirmation that Milton Casco and Felipe Peña Biafore suffer from various muscle problems and are ruled out for what will be Wednesday’s game against Newell’s. In total, there are eleven footballers who passed through the infirmary from July to date. An alarming fact.

The official competition for River began on July 14, with the first of the two matches against Argentinos Juniors, for the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores. Since that date, Marcelo Gallardo suffered, on average, one casualty every five and a half days. That is to say: one injured footballer per week. Even ten of the eleven injured players suffered muscle problems, which raises the question of physical preparation and the load of efforts that the squad goes through.

Since the semester started, Agustín Fontana, Robert Rojas, Gonzalo Montiel, Fabrizio Angileri, Nicolás De La Cruz, Jorge Carrascal and Matías Suárez had to undergo various muscular injuries that marginalized them during one or more matches. A different case is that of Javier Pinola, who against Platense suffered a fracture in his arm that still keeps him in recovery. Others who are still getting ready are Jonathan Maidana, who is recovering from a tear in the left anterior rectus, as well as the aforementioned Milton Casco and Felipe Peña, both with grade 1 muscle injuries that will marginalize them from Wednesday’s match against Newell’s, in Rosario.

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