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Think of Newells: Gallardo’s great doubt in the River team that Rosario will visit

BySkyla Hutton

Sep 14, 2021

Written in SOCCER the

River prepares for a very important duel on Wednesday. Gallardo’s team knows how fundamental it is to come out well from his foray into Marcelo Bielsa de Rosario to face Newells. With the victory yesterday of Lanús on the Independiente court, the Garnet escaped to 5 points and the obligation to win so as not to lose footprint is latent. For that, you must think carefully about which pieces to move in the starting 11 that jump onto the court that day at 9 PM. Which is why at this time I would have a well-marked doubt regarding that.

In principle there would be 10 with their place assured. Even the unknown does not lie in a position-by-position change, but in a more comprehensive modification. That is to say: Jorge Carrascal plays in a line of four midfielders or Robert Rojas does it and raises the game with three central defenders and two forward wingers.. This second option was implemented many times by River, mainly in the Copa Libertadores.

Rojas could be a starter in Rosario

Likewise, Milton Casco’s injury could reverse this idea. The entrerriano was torn at the weekend and will not be part of the game. His natural replacement is Alex Vigo who, although he can fulfill that role starting early, does not have the qualities as clear as the former Gymnastics. In this way the possibility of Carrascal from the beginning would gain more force in the Millionaire. In addition, his good moments of football play in favor of the Colombian in the last matches.

The list of concentrates to play against Newells

The concerted

On Monday’s day, all the soccer players from River that will be taken into account by Gallardo for the match against La Lepra. Although there are few surprises if some things could be cleaned up. The presence of Franco Armani suggests that the goalkeeper left his synovitis behind and will play in place of Enrique Bologna. In addition, Matías Suárez could reappear and participate for at least a few minutes. Finally, the youth Santiago Simón will have a new opportunity to show his conditions.

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