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Criticism of Frank Fabra grows: new reasons annoy Boca fans

BySkyla Hutton

Sep 15, 2021

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Mouth he remains undefeated since the arrival of Sebastián Battaglia to technical leadership, but yesterday, against Defense and Justice, he could not confirm his improvement with a new victory. The draw prevents Xeneize from closing the gap with the top positions and, moreover, left a bittersweet taste, as it was difficult for the team to find the paths to the goal beyond some good passages in the first half.

However, one of the aspects in which more emphasis placed part of the partiality of Mouth it was, once again, Frank Fabra. The Colombian side returned to the courts after three games absent: he replaced the youth Agustín Sández in the last half hour of the match. His performance was not the best, since, once again, he was seen to lack rhythm, with certain imprecision and very little offensive weight in attack.

Source: (AFA Professional Football League).

In addition, at the end of the match, It was known that the side ended up with a muscular discomfort in the soleus, making it difficult for him to join the squad list to face Atlético Tucumán on Saturday. Due to this situation, Sebastián Battaglia summoned Valentín Barco for the next training sessions. If Frank Fabra does not arrive, the 17-year-old would be the only option he would have Mouth to replace Agustín Sández, who, at this point, seems to have won the title.

It should be noted that the 30-year-old Colombian side had missed the matches against Platense and Racing, also due to physical problems. After recovering, he reappeared for half an hour before Defense and Justice, where he again ended up with discomfort, something that did not go down well with most of the fans of the Xeneize set.

Fabra and Cardona, like Villa, have an uncertain future at the club

The future of Fabra

The continuity of the three Colombians is unknown. Fabra, like Edwin Cardona and Sebastián Villa, is in the sights of fans and leaders. As for the full-back, he renewed his contract in February until December 2023, but his representative announced a few hours ago that the footballer would like to evaluate options in the next transfer market. “He did not ask us to find him a club, but he clarified that he would like to have a chance in European football,” he said.

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