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He is already excited about being: the Boca player who does not want to miss the Superclásico

BySkyla Hutton

Sep 15, 2021

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After the 0-0 draw against Defense and Justice, in Mouth it was a bittersweet taste for not being able to open the scoreboard and take only one point. Although equality allowed him to prolong the undefeated in Sebastián Battaglia’s cycle, it is also insufficient to cut distances and better position himself in the standings, as well as in the general classification, which grants places for the 2022 international tournaments.

In addition, the Xeneize it is clear that the Superclassic is coming. Before facing River again, after the victory on penalties weeks ago, Mouth He will play against Atlético Tucumán and Colón. In the middle, he will face Patronato for the quarterfinals of the Argentine Cup. However, there is a player who already thinks of being able to say present at the Monumental, on October 3, the day of the clash against those led by Marcelo Gallardo.

Salvio suffered a severe injury in March

And it is that, Eduardo Salvio, midfielder of Mouth, suffered a ligament tear months ago, but its evolution is as expected. “The desire is there and the preparation is too. The injury is past. These last months and weeks I have already been able to finish my preparation to return well and join in for what Sebastián (Battaglia) wants “explained the footballer who emerged in Lanús, who also said that he feels strong mentally, something fundamental when it comes to overcoming this type of injury.

“The first week was very hard. I regretted, I cried what I had to cry. I set the goal of recovering well to start training as soon as possible. The process was good. Thank God there was no setback, “he said. the 31-year-old, with a great past at Benfica de Portugal.

Salvio dreams of being against River

Superclassic in sight

Asked about the possibility of reappearing against River, Salvio did not hesitate: “If you ask me, I want to be there,” he confessed. Still, he was sympathetic to the recovery deadlines. He also referred to his characteristics and the style of play of Sebastián Battaglia, explaining: “You have to win it. If it is my turn to enter any matches, I have to be at the level of the team. I don’t know if he will change because of my characteristics. I am no longer the Salvio who played all the time on the line. I like to go inside and put diagonals. He will know where I can perform better ”.

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