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Upgrade your closet with over 80% off your first Menlo Club box

ByKathleen Dupont

Sep 16, 2021

Having new additions to your wardrobe that can give your outfits extra comfort, color, style or pizzazz can sometimes be a never-ending task, especially if fashion isn’t necessarily your area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise. But everyone needs clothes; they are often the first impression you give when you meet someone, they influence how your friends and family think about you, and they have the ability to have a clear and memorable effect on those around you. With stylish, fashionable clothes selected especially for you and delivered to your door, you have the choice of choosing new clothes and dressing in a new way with the least amount of effort.

Menlo Club can do just that for you – and you can get your first shipment from the club for just $29, with a significant 83% discount off the full $175 purchase price. Get fashion help and new wardrobe additions from Menlo Club, a convenient and inexpensive way to expand your wardrobe.

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Your first shipment of Menlo Club will include two shirts, two pants, a pair of shoes, and socks. The monthly or quarterly subscription service offers curated style options for every man, with items from Five Four, New Republic, GRC and Melrose Place, with personalized fashion curation, content and much more. If you choose to join the Menlo community, you can also unlock exclusive membership benefits. When you sign up for your first shipment, take a short style quiz about your preferences, fit and sizes to guide the fashion experts, and they will package your shipment ready for delivery. After you become a member, you can exchange anything that is not right and pause or cancel it at any time, with no pending contractual obligation.

Effortlessly upgrade your wardrobe and add style to your life while a first shipment of Menlo Club is on sale for $29.

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