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What time does Racing play against Talleres

BySkyla Hutton

Sep 18, 2021

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Every time there is a match between two teams that are at the top of the table, the prognosis is encouraging. That is precisely what will happen from 6 PM when they start to play in Avellaneda Racing and Workshops of Córdoba. Claudio Úbeda’s team will seek to become strong at home against one of the two leaders of the Professional League. The referee will be Patricio Loustau and will be seen by TNT Sports.

On the side of Racing, the new coach’s cycle seems like a continuation of the old one. The results are not all bad since if he manages to win he will be only two units behind the leadership, but the performance is poor. In fact, they have accumulated four winless games with just one goal in those games. This streak relegated him a bit from those top spots. Getting the offense to stand out as much as the defense is something that since Úbeda arrived he could not achieve. TO The academy They have converted just two goals in 11 dates, but at the same time he is one of the least celebrated. Based on that, the coach will make two changes with respect to the formation that he matched with San Lorenzo. Matías Rojas instead of Nicolás Chancalay and Darío Cvitanich for Javier Correa.

Cvitanich will be the starter again

As for Workshops, everything is in favor. Under the command of Alexander Medina in Córdoba they enjoy a dream present and no one is capable of taking away their fans’ illusion of being able to make history. A very well worked team that shows firmness in all its lines has arguments to stay where it is. With 8 games unbeaten and the winner of Platense on the last date, the Uruguayan decided to place the same eleven to try to achieve other important points against Racing.

Auzqui is one of the figures of Talleres

Possible formations:

Racing Club: Gabriel Arias; Juan Cáceres, Leonardo Sigali, Nery Domínguez and Eugenio Mena; Aníbal Moreno; Fabricio Domínguez, Lisandro López and Matías Rojas; Enzo Copetti and Darío Cvitanich.

Córdoba workshops: Guido Herrera; Julián Malatini, Nahuel Tenaglia, Rafael Pérez and Enzo Díaz; Juan Méndez, Rodrigo Villagra and Héctor Fértoli; Diego Valoyes, Carlos Auzqui and Mateo Retegui

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