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Boca is already thinking about Board of Trustees: Sebastián Battaglia’s plans for the Copa Argentina crossing

BySkyla Hutton

Sep 20, 2021

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Mouth have a good time. After that pale start under the management of Miguel Ángel Russo, the change of coach seems to have served to renew the air. The arrival of Sebastián Battaglia to technical leadership changed the face of a team that now shows greater resources to star in the games and, in addition, obtains results. He has not lost yet since the change of technical director: he has three wins and two draws.

Source: (AFA Professional Football League).

The Xeneize set defeated Atlético Tucumán in a match that showed two almost opposite faces of Mouth: in the first half there was tenure, associated play and lucidity in decision-making. In the complement, the locals took a step forward and, at times, cornered those led by Sebastián Battaglia. Now, the next challenge will be in Santiago del Estero: for the quarterfinals of the Argentine Cup, he faces Patronato this Wednesday. For this contest, weeks ago, he eliminated River from the 12 steps.

There was almost no rest for the squad of Mouth. After returning from Tucumán with the three points, the squad trained on Sunday morning and will repeat today with their sights set on Wednesday’s match from 9:30 pm Sebastián Battaglia has just put an alternative team on the court in order to dose the loads and not risk players in the face of the crossing against the Board. Even so, there will be an obligatory modification in the return of the so-called starters: Marcelo Weigandt, injured, will leave his place to Luis Advíncula.

Weeks ago, Boca defeated Patronato, in the debut of Battaglia

The greatest amount of doubts appear in the midfield, where Jorman Campuzano and Juan Ramírez seem to have a guaranteed place. Aaron Molinas would be the starting hitch, while Diego González, Cristian Medina and Agustín Almendra – already recovered – fight for the remaining place in midfield. Above, the duo most used by Battaglia: Luis Vázquez and Norberto Briasco. In short, the probable team the coach would bet on would be Agustín Rossi; Luis Advincula, Carlos Izqueirdoz, Marcos Rojo, Agustín Sandez; González or Almendra or Medina, Jorman Campuzano, Juan Ramírez; Aaron Molinas; Norberto Briasco and Luis Vázquez.

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