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“It was a blessing”: the former Boca who remembered his time at the club

BySkyla Hutton

Sep 20, 2021

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Juan Forlín made his debut in 2008 with the Xeneize jersey, and then, after being transferred to Spanish football, he returned in 2014 to play a year on loan. Having started at the club, the 33-year-old central defender possesses an important sense of belonging, and that is why he has great memories of his passing. “I enjoyed it a lot because I grew up there and every time I went out on the court wearing the Mouth for me it was a blessing, “he explained.

At present, the defender acts in the Unión Esportiva Costa Brava, with which he has just achieved promotion to the third category of Spanish football. In relation to its second stage, Juan Forlin pointed out: “Being able to play with La Bombonera full was very enjoyable, but I had a loan for a year, I knew it was going to end and I tried to take advantage of every game that I played”. At that time, his pass belonged to All-Rayyan of Qatar, a club with which he Mouth could not fix its continuity.

Juan Forlin in his first step through Boca

Likewise, Juan Forlin also wore the shirts of Querétaro, Real Oviedo and Júbilo Iwata. Even before finding a team in Spain, he was without a club for a while. This is how he narrated that moment: “In Japan I played little and nothing because of the pandemic, also when the league was restarted I got injured and while I was recovering, the coach changed. I had a one-year contract and since I couldn’t play I left. I continued working with a coach. individually, while looking for a club to play in Barcelona, ​​where I live ”.

The Bianchi stage and the Boca world

Juan Forlín in his second passage through the institution

Juan Forlín highlighted the fact that it was directed by Carlos Bianchi: “It was spectacular and I tried to learn as much as possible. He is a very wise person, with a lot of experience and who always knows how to tell you the right words for each moment.” However, the results of the emblematic coach of the Xeneize set They were not good, and his place was later taken by Rodolfo Arruabarrena: “It hurt us all a lot because in part we feel guilty for not having been able to convey the confidence that he had in us on the playing field,” said the defender in dialogue with TyC. Sports.

Likewise, Juan Forlín also provided his analysis on what it is like to play in a club of that level: “In the World of Mouth You play in First Division and it seems that your life is resolved, that you are the best in the world, and it is not like that. At that moment is when you have to be calmer because you need to maintain yourself and be able to perform regularly, which is what each player wants ”.

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