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Kyra Sedgwick has a thong with husband Kevin Bacon’s initials

ByRalphy Sykes

Sep 20, 2021

This thong is definitely less than six degrees apart from Kevin Bacon.

Bacon literally put wife Kyra Sedgwick’s dirty laundry on Instagram on Sunday, when he… posted a photo of a blue lace thong with “I [heart] KB” in sequins.

“Sometimes doing laundry can be fun and full of surprises,” he wrote, snapping a photo of the personalized panties on top of a washing machine.

“Thanks for airing my dirty laundry 😉❤️,” Sedgwick responded to her husband’s cheeky snap, prompting him to reply with heart.

Followers were amused by the “Footloose” star’s snap, with many pointing to the reflection of Bacon’s face in the wash button, which was dubbed “Artsy AF.”

Kevin Bacon wearing Kyra Sedgwick's underwear
Kevin Bacon snapped a photo of the sequined underwear on top of the washing machine.

Others joked that the underwear could be a tribute to another famous ‘KB’, with one writing: ‘Ken Burns?’ while another said, “I’m also a Kim Basinger fan.”

“I think they should be hand washed!” another commenter joked about the monogrammed lace.

The superstar couple, who celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary earlier this month, certainly seem closer than ever.

In January, Sedgwick revealed that she had her husband give her a bikini wax during quarantine because he is “incredibly handy” and “knows how to fix things”.

The pair instead found themselves in an awkward situation, which Bacon later called “really, terrifyingly dangerous” despite being “stubborn enough to think I can probably learn anything.”

No doubt Bacon was happy to be in the laundry service this time.

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