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Neville impressed with debut Beckham son

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 20, 2021

Inter Miami coach Phil Neville believes David Beckham’s son Romeo has the potential to build a career in professional football after making his Florida debut.

Romeo Beckham played in his first professional game on Sunday after starting for Inter Miami’s sister team Fort Lauderdale CF.

The 19-year-old played 79 minutes into a 2-2 draw with South Georgia Tormenta FC and impressed Inter Miami boss Neville despite only having 19 touches in the match.

“I thought he did a really good job,” Neville said Monday.

“I think the benchmark for his performance was that he would only play 45 minutes, and he played almost 80 minutes because he is a boy who is hungry.

“He has a lot of pressure and expectations on his shoulders, but what he has is that he has both feet on the ground.

“He knows he still has a lot to develop and he has all the right qualities, character, determination and a good person to have a good chance of making it in professional football.”

Romeo joined the Fort Lauderdale CF roster earlier this month in a quiet move made without an official announcement.

Before that, he trained with the team and occasionally Inter Miami.

Neville said David Beckham, former Manchester United and England team-mate, had ordered him to treat his son severely.

“The first thing David said to me was, ‘You have to be harder on him than anyone else,'” said Marcel.

“He has to work harder than anyone to get into that team because there will be questions, there will be expectations on his shoulders.”

Neville’s own son Harvey also played for Fort Lauderdale this season, making 15 appearances.

“He knows that at this football club he is no different than any other player, and that includes Romeo,” Neville said.


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