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The House of the Famous: Alicia Machado and Pablo Montero could be eliminated

ByMicheal Johnson

Sep 20, 2021

The house of the famous, elimination

Alicia Machado is nominated to leave La Casa de los Famosos this Monday, September 20, along with Pablo Montero, Uriel del Toro and Christian de la Campa.

The Venezuelan model’s team has asked through her Instagram to support her to stay in the house.

She begged on her Instagram: “My friends I promise you that if they save me from tomorrow’s elimination in #lacasadelosfamosos we will see each other in the grand finale, because being strong is my only option until I achieve the goal.”

Alicia has had problems with various classmates due to her strong character.

More recently he had an altercation with Gaby Spanic for not helping with housekeeping. As a result, Spanic did not save her from the next elimination and decided to use her vote to save Celia Lora and not her countrywoman, despite the pact the two had made before entering the game.

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