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Migration to Panama grows and passes 800 to 30,000 people a month, warns its president

ByMicheal Johnson

Sep 23, 2021

During his speech at the 76th session of the deliberative body, the president of Panama highlighted that so far this year more than 80,000 migrants have crossed the country and that the number has been increasing dramatically over the course of the months.

“This figure has exponential growth. To understand the drama of the situation, Panama went from receiving 800 migrants in January of this year, to 30,000 last month ”, Laurentino Cortizo Cohen indicated.

The Panamanian president indicated that most of these people come from the Caribbean and Africa and that, after traveling through several nations, they arrive in their country “in difficult conditions” where they are provided temporary shelter, medical assistance and food.

“We appeal to the international community to make, as soon as possible, a joint effort, with coordinated strategies and resources to anticipate a regional humanitarian crisis of serious proportions. This is everyone’s responsibility “.

COVID-19: Panama is close to achieving group immunity

Referring to the coronavirus pandemic, Cortizo Cohen stressed that Panama was able to agree to supply enough vaccines for its entire population and that thanks to this measure it is only “a few weeks away” from achieving herd immunity.

“However, the goal cannot be that some countries reach herd immunity, when the goal should be for us to achieve global immunity”, He reasoned.

He explained that since the beginning of the pandemic, the Government prioritized the delivery of food and basic supplies to people who were left without sources of income, especially in the most vulnerable segments of the population.

“For this we articulate a plan with two initiatives: one of them transfers funds to those most affected through digital vouchers, and the other distributes bags of food and supplies to those who live in remote regions with difficult access,” he said.

Panama is one of the three “carbon negative” countries on the entire planet

On an environmental note, Cortizo Cohen pointed out that climate change is the greatest threat the planet faces after the coronavirus and stated that the disbelief it still provokes in some leaders must disappear.

“What else do the world’s leaders need to understand this dramatic reality?” He lamented and was later proud that his country is one of the three countries in the world classified as “carbon negative”, that is, that they absorb more carbon dioxide gases. greenhouse effect of those that emit.

“In Panama, the country with the best maritime and air connectivity in Latin America and the Caribbean, in this transit country with a logistical vocation, we have understood that what is good for the planet is good for the economy”, He highlighted.

Finally, he highlighted that the country fulfilled the 30X30 Initiative nine years in advance, which seeks to protect 30% of the oceans by 2030.

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