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How does the Davis Cup schedule follow and which rivals Argentina can face

BySkyla Hutton

Sep 24, 2021

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The start was not as expected, but Argentina managed to reverse the series against Belarus and won 4-1. The first step, then, has already been taken. The albiceleste team dreams of returning to the highest category of the Davis cup. With the recent triumph, he earned a place in the Qualifiers, which will be played in February next year. That will be the last qualifying stage before the 2022 Finals.

Now, Argentina will have to wait until December to meet its rival in the next instance of the Davis cup. This will repeat the home and away format. There will be a draw in which other countries that also won their World Group I duels will also enter. Then other teams will come down from this year’s Finals, which will be played between November 25 and December 5.

Schwartzman lost the first point of the series, but was quickly redeemed

Among the possible rivals of Argentina that come from obtaining a victory, are Japan, which beat Pakistan 4-0, the Netherlands, which obtained the same result against Uruguay, Slovakia, which beat Chile, Finland 3-1, which won 3-1 against India, Norway, who won 3-1 against Uzbekistan, Brazil, which clearly beat Lebanon, South Korea 4-0, who beat New Zealand 3-1, Romania, who beat 3 -1 to Portugal, Peru, who beat Bosnia and Herzegovina 3-2 in Lima, Ukraine, who did the same against Israel in Kiev, and Belgium, who defeated Bolivia 3-2.

This Monday, September 20, the 12 countries will be ordered in a ranking. The top eight will qualify directly for next year’s Qualifiers; Argentina, 16th in the world, will be part of that select group, while the remaining eight will play a new playoff in November to access the next instance of the contest. In addition, at the end of the year the 16 teams that do not play the title match in the 2021 finals will also be added. Spain, Russia, Ecuador, Canada, Kazakhstan, Sweden, France, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Croatia, Australia, Hungary, the United States, Italy, Colombia, Serbia, Germany and Austria are the ones who still have chances.

Spain is the last Davis Cup champion

This is how the group of 26 countries will be formed; two of them will advance directly to the final phase of 2022. the other 24 will go to a draw to define the crosses in the February Qualifiers. That appointment will be in charge of defining whether or not Argentina can return to the highest category of the Davis cup. In case of playing at home, you will have the right to choose the surface on which the tie will be played.

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