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It does not shrink: what Marcelo Gallardo said after River’s triumph against Arsenal

BySkyla Hutton

Sep 24, 2021

Written in SOCCER the

The six games without knowing defeat support River in his idea of ​​fighting for the championship. The Millionaire is recovering from somewhat irregular weeks and yesterday, against Arsenal, he achieved a 1-0 victory that allows him to continue in the top positions: he was two behind Talleres and, at least temporarily, surpassed Lanús, the other who the date began at the top of the contest.

Source: (TNT Sports Argentina).

There was no shortage of chances to open the scoring, but the goal was late in coming. Arsenal defended themselves most of the time in their visit to the Monumental and came close to taking a point. On closing, an overflow of Fabrizio Angileri found an own goal, and River he was left with a very important victory. His trainer, Marcelo Gallardo, shows his chest before the good passing of his team: “The good thing is that we have added valuable points in the last month, with many adverse situations, and that puts us there in the top lot.” Those of Núñez are the only guards, one point ahead of Estudiantes and Independiente.

River He played against Sarmiento and Independiente with somewhat improvised teams due to the calls for national teams, as well as due to injuries. Now that he is firmly in the top positions, Gallardo does not shrink: “I am not afraid of the candidate’s nickname at all, because this club demands that we prepare in that way. Try to meet one of the objectives of this semester, “he said. the coach of millionaire set, who, against Arsenal, surprised with some inclusions such as those of Santiago Simón and Benjamin Rollheiser.

River’s celebration after the winning goal

Despite the triumphs, River it fails to catch up with Talleres, which, so far, leaves very few points along the way. The same happens with Lanús, who, even so, must win today against Newell’s to return to be above the Millionaire. Gallardo knows about the parity of the contest: “There is very little difference between the first and the remaining seven or eight teams, so it will be very tight. Argentine soccer is complex and tight. It’s going to be like that until the end, ”he explained.

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