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Lupita D’Alessio finalizes an agreement for the royalties of her songs

ByMicheal Johnson

Sep 24, 2021

Lupita D'Alessio
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The singer commemorated that she will finally be the sole owner of her songs …

Lupita D’Alessio will finally be the owner of the royalties from her songs. Its royalties had been in the hands of businessman Jaime Azcárraga, owner of Radiofórmula, for years.

The singer, after 30 years, commemorated that she will finally be the sole owner of the royalties of her most successful songs:

“They gave me the news recently, they told me: ‘You’re going to eat with Jaime Azcárraga’ and I couldn’t believe it, it was a world of emotions and gratitude with all the people of Mr. Azcárraga, and it finally happened, releasing my catalog. God knows why he does things, “said the Mexican interpreter.

The singer also revealed that she is preparing to return to the recording studios, in an incredible new stage of her life, according to the program Ventaneando:

“She is a Lupita D’Alessio with the experience that the scenarios have given her, and life itself, which is when you value things more,” he said.

The artist confesses that she is happy and eager to return to the stage: “Applause is the artist’s food,” she concluded.

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